Our Approach

As a business or individual, whenever you encounter a bump in the road, whether it is related to fraud, litigation, or business transition, you will need experienced professionals to help you navigate the situation. We embrace a collaborative methodology, seamlessly combining financial, accounting, investigative, valuation, appraisal, and advisory services to tailor a unique approach to your specific needs.

It is our mission to provide exceptional analysis, independent investigations, and expert testimony to you. We develop an opinion on the facts and evidence presented to or discovered by us, applying our skills, knowledge, education, expertise, and training to each unique engagement.

Why choose SobelCo?

SobelCo’s forensic and valuation services team brings together decades of diverse experience to objectively guide you and unravel the puzzles, clarify the data, and reveal the value in each matter on which we work. We have a history of delivering comprehensive, defensible reports and solutions for both private and public sector entities of all sizes.


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Rooted in a culture of caring, SobelCo enables the nonprofits we serve to think strategically by providing current, accurate financial data and sound business advice.
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