Sobel Tinari Economics Group

Sobel Tinari Economics Group (STEG) is a nationally recognized team of award-winning economists and analysts that provides high-quality economic consulting services in a wide variety of litigated matters. Managing Director and Chief Economist, Kristin Kucsma, M.A., leads a highly knowledgeable and experienced team of economists and research analysts who have authored thousands of economic loss appraisals across a wide variety of cases for both plaintiff and defense matters. Our team approach to assessing economic damages in each case, along with our comprehensive and customized analysis, separates us from the competition.

The STEG team has extensive experience evaluating economic damages for use in litigation regarding cases involving personal injury, wrongful death, employment, and discrimination law, wrongful incarceration, mass torts, punitive damages, and lost profits. We analyze lost compensation (earnings and fringe benefits), lifetime care costs, household, companionship, advice-related and other family services, collateral source offsets, and other components of economic loss. We have considerable experience valuing complicated fringe benefit packages that include pension and annuity benefits (both union and non-union); stock options, insurance-based benefits, as well as valuing lost wages to minimum wage and undocumented workers.

Why Choose Sobel Tinari Economics Group as Your Economic Expert?

STEG has been serving the legal community for more than 40 years providing economic analyses and educational seminars while also providing leading research in the field of forensic economics. Collectively, STEG’s economists have more than 60 years of experience in assessing, quantifying, and testifying about economic damages.

Comprehensive and Collaborate Approach

The collaborative approach within STEG allows for a thorough assessment of the economic damages in each case with our economists involved from the initial case assessment to the completion of the economic appraisal report. They work closely with team members to guarantee an assessment of economic damages that are tailored to integrate the facts and circumstances that make each case unique. We provide an exceptionally detailed and customized analysis for each case. 

Access and Responsiveness

STEG’s experts and analysts are always accessible to clients and committed to meeting their needs, whether in response to a court-imposed deadline or scheduling a deposition/court appearance. The depth of the STEG Team allows us to quickly respond to changing needs and circumstances even on short notice.

Compelling and Credible Testimony

Ms. Kucsma’s knowledge of economics, proven approach to economic damages, and engaging trial experience makes her one of the most highly sought economic experts in the country. With over 1,100 trial, deposition, and mediation appearances in Federal and State district courts, Ms. Kucsma provides clear, concise, and compelling testimony, and lectures frequently on valuing economic damages.

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What Our Clients Say

I am very pleased to report that the parties in this case have reached a mediated settlement! We still have to execute a more formal agreement, but we were able to achieve an extraordinary result. There is no doubt whatsoever that your economic reports provided the foundation for this high-value resolution. Without your reports, this case would not have settled for the amount achieved. I very much look forward to the opportunity to work with you again!
“Kris, I finally got the time today to read the entire report and I am more than pleased with the work product. It is a beautifully detailed, statistically supported, artfully drafted document. On behalf of the family, thank you for your effort.”
“Kristin, It was a pleasure to see you last week. We wanted to reach out to thank you and let you know the outcome. The case settled for xxxx figures. The jury verdict came in as the settlement happened and their numbers were higher based on scenario 2. Your testimony and realistic figures facilitated the settlement and, as we were advised by the jury, helped them greatly in their deliberations. We look forward to working with you again soon.”