Relentless is the watchword for our forensic practice. To uncover financial crimes and compile evidence of any misconduct, our specially trained investigators apply their skills, knowledge, and experience to unearth the facts and produce reports that can withstand legal scrutiny.

The term “forensic” refers to the application of scientific methods and techniques in the investigation of a crime or a legal issue. Forensic accounting is often required when an issue is being litigated and a financial argument needs to be decided in a court of law.

SobelCo’s forensic accountants specialize in unraveling financial and compliance challenges for businesses, nonprofits, governmental entities and individuals, using precise processes and a systematic investigation of data.

Our forensic investigations go beyond the numbers to dig deeper, understanding the motivations and opportunities that enable individuals to commit corporate crime. We take pride in educating our clients on how to strengthen their organizations and mindsets to minimize future risk.

When fraud is suspected in any of the situations described below, attorneys and business leaders reach out to the forensic team at SobelCo for assistance.

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