Dispute resolution is the common term that references a range of situations that involve controversy, such as matrimonial disputes, corporate disputes, partnership disputes, or other disagreements between parties that we can address through litigation, mediation or arbitration.

We all know what a dispute is. Most of us encounter arguments, disagreements, or conflicts with friends, family, business colleagues and others every day. But when the dispute takes place in a setting whereby a legal business or personal relationship is involved, the resolution may require sophisticated factfinding and negotiation skills. Uniquely trained professionals assist with seeking an outcome that is mutually satisfactory for the parties involved. Resolution of disputes often requires the use of forensic and valuation professionals to identify and quantify the unique aspects of each party’s position, and apply an objective viewpoint to cut through the noise and reach a settlement.

Matrimonial Disputes

While a marital dispute may begin as a private family matter, the final solution is usually influenced by the professional and financial complications that arise during disagreements of this nature. Rarely does the discourse take place between the divorcing couple alone. So if the threat of litigation is raised, the negative tone and demands of the situation may quickly evolve to include the need for a forensic accounting expert. Understanding the financial aspects of a marital dispute is extremely important.

Our professionals are regularly retained by attorneys or appointed by the Court to provide expert financial opinions that will hold up to scrutiny in such areas as:

  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Asset Tracing
  • Business Valuation
  • Lifestyle Analysis
Corporate and Partnership Disputes

Disagreements sometimes emerge among business owners regarding finances or corporate strategy that may lead to legal action. These matters are often subject to extreme emotion and opposing viewpoints. That’s when SobelCo is at its best. Our experts excel at getting to the bottom of the issues. Whether the dispute stems from abuse of one’s position, shareholder oppression, improper use of business assets, or breach of fiduciary duty, SobelCo has the experience and skills to sift through the noise, deal with the different personalities, and analyze the data to help the parties come to a resolution and move forward. SobelCo can also provide business valuations to determine individual equity value for Subchapter “C” Corporations and Pass-Through Entities.

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