Areas of Practice
Our deep dive into company financial information and circumstances allows businesses of all sizes and complexity to drive continuous improvement.
SobelCo specializes in audit, tax, and consulting services for a variety of employee benefit plans. We are recognized as a leader in the community, known for delivering timely, quality services through a multi-disciplinary approach.
With the advice from our experienced team, decision-makers can leverage change and illuminate opportunities to drive profitably.
Our seasoned professionals apply their comprehensive industry knowledge and backgrounds in accounting, attest, tax, and advisory services to stay on top of any issues that arise.
In today’s shifting landscape, count on our industry experts for objective advice and innovative solutions to increase operational efficiency and gain a competitive edge.
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Nonprofit + Social Services   Articles
Preparing for an Audit
An audit takes place annually when your nonprofit’s professional auditors conduct a careful and structured process to confirm that...
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Shrink: A Major Retail Crisis
Despite the dramatic headlines in the media, shoplifting is nothing new. It is hard to believe, but the first...