As a result of this distinctive philosophy, we have become well-known for our commitment to helping you successfully achieve your mission and vision. Whether your organization promotes the arts, or supports those with special needs, offers educational resources and opportunities, protects the most abused and vulnerable of our citizens, or is a social service group addressing the challenges of systemic poverty that impact the homeless, the hungry, or those with mental illness, at SobelCo we provide the important resources that are most essential for your group and the families and individuals you serve.

The bottom line is that access to current, accurate financial data enable you to think strategically.

Working closely with staff, board members, and volunteers, we bring specialized experience gained from years of being deeply engaged in the nonprofit sector combined with our unique insights so that your leadership team is best prepared to make educated and smart decisions.

In keeping with our philosophy for bringing you the critical financial information you need, our professional team collaborates with you to encourage you to follow key protocols, such as interpreting a cash flow analysis, reviewing information on reserve funds, comparing actual and estimated budgets, requesting an investment policy review, or scrutinizing a financial statement or contemplating projections for an upcoming fundraiser. Throughout our interaction, we continue to emphasize that being deemed a “nonprofit” is your organization’s tax status, not your strategic business plan! In this way we can be sure that you are well positioned to attain your objectives and goals.

Our distinctive, all-inclusive perspective to serving nonprofits is the core of our promise to you.

The professionals who comprise the SobelCo Nonprofit & Social Services Practice consistently go well beyond offering a wide range of traditional services – such as audit, tax compliance and planning, forensic support and fraud vulnerability studies, employee benefit plan audits and cost certification studies – to name a few.

While these crucial services are recognized as the foundation of any organization, for us they are just the first necessary steps to ensuring an organization’s sustainability. As our relationship with you grows, we add value by providing regularly scheduled round tables for Executive Directors, Board Chair Boot Camps, quarterly webinars on hot topics presented by local subject matter experts, developing opportunities for sharing best practices, supporting their fundraising activities, and publishing e-newsletters and updates that highlight nonprofit news and nonprofit newsmakers.

By embracing this holistic approach, we have built a reputation for having a meaningful influence on our clients, as well as on the entire nonprofit community. We are proud to be known for the support we offer and the breadth of connections and relationships we have built with others who also serve nonprofits.

At SobelCo we have developed a culture that is a mix of both personal and professional commitments – as we never forget how it makes us feel to know that we are able to help those who do so much to help others.

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