Unlike many women in the business community, and specifically the field of public accounting, Shaddai has had to juggle her identity as a Hispanic woman – managing to check the boxes for two key  categories! While it is common knowledge that the accounting world has always been male- dominated, there is definitely a shift and Shaddai has seen the impact of more women entering the profession which has played a role in making her job even more rewarding. Having the opportunity to work with other women leaders in the firm and building camaraderie with all the staff has been important to her.

A key observation

Nonetheless, despite the presence of more women in the workplace, Shaddai recognizes that to advance and gain recognition, women still need to work harder to prove themselves and to earn the respect of their peers and leaders. 

Words of advice

“It is a great profession,” says Shaddai, “so do not get discouraged because you have to push yourself a little harder.” In fact, she makes the point that it is to everyone’s advantage to avoid becoming complacent. “Continue to do your best, and you will reap the rewards of your efforts.  Even knowing that the current situation does not provide equity for women in the profession (yet!), remain focused on your own goals and do your best to achieve them!”