SobelCo, named Tara Del Gavio, CPA, and Chris Martin, CPA, CGMA, as Members of the Firm, effective January 1, 2021.

Tara Del Gavio joined SobelCo in 2018 as a Senior Manager in the Nonprofit and Social Services Practice. For over two decades, Tara has been actively engaged with various types of nonprofit organizations,
ranging from social services to higher education to foundations and trade associations. This diverse client base has enabled Tara to leverage her experiences to offer the critical benefits of a consultative approach. In addition, she draws on her expertise in key areas that focus on organizations that specifically address mental health, Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Low Income Tax Credits, and charitable Foundations.

“I am grateful for this opportunity. I believe that self-growth, respect, and fondness for our firm are key factors that propel me to accept the responsibility as a Member of the Firm. I will always do my best to earn my colleagues’ trust as a leader while at the same time fulfilling my own career goals, said Tara DelGavio. Over the years, I have learned to excel at prioritizing client needs and staff needs. I appreciate the value of client relationships and continue to work at developing them every day. I can see the larger picture and am not afraid to pursue it.”

Throughout his career, Chris Martin has enjoyed working with mid-sized, privately-held businesses in the food and beverage sector. He adds value by assisting clients with their financial reporting needs, providing strategic planning for their corporate and individual income taxes, and actively consulting on major financial decisions. Since joining SobelCo in 2015, as a Manager in the Audit Practice, Chris has consulted with clients to help them understand their financial situation accurately. Using clients’ internal information, along with industry benchmarks, Chris enables them to set strategic goals and make educated decisions, helping them monitor and improve their operations through forecasts and projections that can lead to greater efficiencies and profitability.

On accepting the position as Member of the Firm, Chris commented, “I had one major goal as I started in this profession, which was to one day become a partner at an accounting firm. Everything I have done to this point was with that goal in mind. It shows you that if you are active in your personal and career development, put yourself into positions to make yourself and those around you better, and truly believe in what you are doing, and you can accomplish great things. I am extremely proud to call myself a partner at SobelCo and have a seat at the table with many great leaders whom I have had the privilege of learning from and working with over the past several years. I take that seat seriously, and I hope that my contributions to the firm will help continue its legacy and provide for its success and those that are part of the SobelCo family.”

Our decision to name Tara and Chris as Members of the Firm this year demonstrates our continued commitment to that guiding principle. Both seasoned professionals bring a unique background, industry experience, and a passion for excellence that enhances the firm, our staff, and most importantly, the community and the clients we serve,” said Alan Sobel, Managing Member of SobelCo.