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Shrink: A Major Retail Crisis
Despite the dramatic headlines in the media, shoplifting is nothing new. It is hard to believe, but the first...
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Volcano Leaving Lasting Effect on Beer Industry
With all the unprecedented events that occurred in the world in the last couple of years, the last word...
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Employee Retention Credit…There are Still Opportunities Available
The Employee Retention Credit (“ERC”), which started for wages paid after March 12,2020, and had various tax law provision...
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Research & Development Expenses
Please join Brad Muniz and Scott Cost, SobelCo, as they discuss the significant changes and qualifications surrounding Research and...
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What’s Ale-ing New Jersey’s Brewery Industry?
A one-syllable, four-letter word has been on the minds (and mouths) of legislators, business owners, and residents of New...
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The Road to Maturity: Breweries
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Food + Beverage   Articles
What is My Restaurant Worth?
In recent weeks we have published articles focusing on valuation considerations in the food and beverage industry. Our prior...
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Restaurant, Bar and Food Service Business Tangible Asset Valuations
The value of most food service businesses is a ‘Going Concern Value,’ meaning that the value of the company...
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Cost Segregation Studies
Please join Brad Muniz, SobelCo, and Terri Johnson, Capstan Tax Strategies, as they discuss the benefits of cost segregation...
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The ABC’s of Liquor License Valuation
When considering the value of a business in the Food & Beverage Industry, one of the most misunderstood assets...
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Research and Development Tax Credits
Please join Brad Muniz and Doug Finkle, SobelCo, as they discuss research and development (R&D) tax credits and the...